Prayer Hanging, 2016
Prayer Hanging for MLD, 2016

Prayer Hanging: A prayer hanging is a small intimate banner created with a specific intention, declaring a hope, a dream, or a concern. Whether the intended prayer is for one’s self or for another, the process of making the hanging will imbed the creator’s intentions in a piece of cloth decorated with stitched elements. Hung outdoors, in a doorway, or on the wall, it is a visual, tangible expression of an idea or wish that will permeate the space and spread beyond.

Adapted from other spiritual traditions, this little hanging can be hung outdoors so that the wind may carry the thought or prayer to the universe. Indoors it can be a reminder or even a guardian of a space. The important thing is that it holds a specific intention. The creation is fairly quick without a lot of fuss or skill, and may begin by playing with colors and textures (words are not necessary). What is pleasing to the eyes and hands will become  a work of the heart.

Below are some of my prayer hangings ( the sizes are about 8 inches x 10 inches): Click on an image to see it larger in a gallery format:           


Prayer Flags: This is a 2 hour class for teams of adults and students who have completed 1st grade or older; it can also be done for students age 10 to 18.

A prayer  flag is a bit more simple than a hanging, while still retaining the same intentions.

       Prayer Flags


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