I have been sewing since the 7th grade; that summer, I rode the city bus with my best friend from the suburbs to downtown Nashville to Watkins Institute, where I learned to read a pattern, cut fabric, and sew on a machine.  We made a skirt and top.

I sewed formal dresses for the dances in high school; I made some clothing for my mother.

My first year of college, I got a part-time job for $1.65 an hour with a clothing designer; this was my best school ever.

When the babies came, also came the realization that I wanted to stay home with them, and that sewing could make that possible.

Eventually I went back to school to get an Early Childhood Education degree and thought that sewing would be left behind.  But, I have continued to sew, one way or another, all along.

Wedding dresses, graduation dresses, and Swan Ball dresses were made.  Many garments were altered and repaired; clothing was made from patterns and some without.  I had other jobs, one being at a frame shop that specialized in museum-quality work.  The textile pieces were given to me to mount and frame – another place of learning!  Eventually, in my home studio, I took in quilts that needed special care:  repairs, washing, stabilization, presentation.  Along the way, I began to do living history and make 18th century clothing and accessories for private clients – self-education again.

Now, it is some 50 years later!  I still love to sew; it is something I am good at; there are always new challenges; I see it as a gift that has been cultivated by the people and experiences that have been on my path.  It is good work for me.


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