Hearts and Hands

I have always been a maker.  Over the years I have explored a number of interests and developed a variety of skills.  So I can’t say that I just make one kind of thing, although working with fabric and textiles has always been in my life.

There are usually a number of projects going at the same time; some for me, some as gifts, and some for clients.  This web journal is a project for myself, to keep me from being isolated.  I also love to share what I do and even teach a little in that process (just in case someone is interested).

In January 2011, I began to develop a website featuring the textile work that I have done over the years.  The quilt repairs, restorations, and re-creations are a big part, but there are also some other pieces shown:  vintage baby clothing, a traditional Peruvian hat, a Tennessee coverlet, and original quilts made in collaboration with clients.  Please visit:  www.NashvilleQuiltRepair.com    Thanks.

Where have I taught classes, programs, and workshops?

  • John C. Campbell Folk School
  • Cumberland Valley Girl Scouts
  • Tennessee State Museum
  • Children’s Creative Workshops  
  • The Hermitage, Home of Andrew Jackson  
  • Belle Meade Plantation  
  • Historic Mansker’s Station Frontier Center
  • Eakin School After Care Program  
  • St. Bartholomew’s Home School Program  
  • Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital  
  • Tennessee State University Lab School
  • Eakin Public School
  • Ensworth School Day Camp
  • Cheekwood Museum

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