I like a little sparkle to celebrate the return of light at the winter solstice, and the traditional Christmas holiday. A tree seems a good way to bring some of that into the house. Many years ago I discovered the Goose Feather Tree, which probably originated in Germany in the 19th century and maybe even earlier. I found pictures of these trees in Early American Life Magazine in historic settings, as antiques. mag-feeather-tree1c_1Supposedly made of real feathers, I wondered how the tree was put together. I liked the idea that once a tree was constructed, it could be used over and over again.mag-feather-tree2c_1 I finally discovered that these were imported from Germany and eventually sold through department stores like Sears in the early 20th century. And then one day I saw a demonstration on television and I launched into my own construction. German Feather TreeHere is a small tree, maybe 15 inches high. The needles on the branches are created using goose feathers that were split down the center before I acquired them. They were dyed in yellow and blue plant dyes to get a nice nature-like green. Then each piece is carefully wrapped around the wire “stems.”

The tree that I set up last night was this white one, the natural color of the goose feathers.

2016_1When it’s time to put things away, the branches are folded upward and the whole thing fits down into a cloth bag made for it. The holiday celebrations were brief here in my home so there was no need to bring in a live tree. This little feather tree served quite well.

Blessings to all of you this holiday season!



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