Star without sunburstI wanted to see what this quilt top would look like if the sunbursts were removed. (see my previous post for Oct 13 ) While it is a unique arrangement, they make the quilt visually very busy and a bit overwhelming. And if I removed the sunbursts, there would be fabric that I could use to replace some of the damaged diamonds in the star.

My client agreed with my proposal and gave me the go ahead to make the quilt without the sunbursts. A very good of the surrounding white fabric was removed from the quilt top, and after repairs to the star, it was machine-appliqued to a new piece of white cotton. It could have been hand-appliqued, but that would have added significantly to the cost. It now measures about 109 inches X 109 inches. img_3015_1The tiny holes in the red fabric are now less at risk because there is fabric behind the star. The very old sewing thread is a bit brittle, so this white background will prevent any undue tension on the original pieced star.

With a white backing fabric and a package of batting, I delivered the project to Jill Zollinger, a long-arm quilting specialist who especially likes doing feathers.feathers


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