As the new season is upon us and the heat is retreating, I celebrate by collecting seeds.

Fall seed collectionThese seeds represent hopes for next year. It is amazing that each seeds holds the code for making a beautiful flowering plant. The larkspur gets scattered now, to winter in the soil. The other two will be planted toward the end of the spring when the earth is adequately warmed by the sun.

Morning Glory
Morning Glory





2 thoughts on “Gathering Seeds for the Future

  1. Suzanne, the seeds will be in the dead flower if the birds or wind have not taken them. This is only true for flowers that are not hybrids. Some seeds are in fruit, not the flower. In a zinnia or a marigold, the seed is tucked inside the dried flower head, attached to the dried petal. For morning glories or larkspur, there is a pod that has the seed inside. It is different for every kind of flower. These mentioned are annuals, so they are dependent on having the seed fall to the soil to come again in the spring. Would you like for me to send something when I send the crochet piece to you? Love, Anne

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