Often signature quilts show up with the names embroidered on them, but there is no clue as to where or what bound the people together.

 Louise Sanders_1

There were twenty of these blocks with signatures that came from the tiny community of Lone Pine, Texas. Louise Sanders made an effort to start a civic group of ladies calling themselves the Lone Pine Community Club (see upper left corner). But according to her grand daughter, nothing much ever happened. However, they did embroider their names on twenty blocks for a quilt. Those blocks were stored until last year when her grand daughter, Karla, brought them to me to make a summer spread. They were assembled with sashing (the white strips) and borders. There is no middle layer. The back was attached by sewing small ties through the two layers at the corners of the blocks, and the edges were bound.  Lone Pine Signature Quilt_1


One thought on “Signature Quilt from Lone Pine, Texas

  1. I have a friendship quilt, of a somewhat similar design, made in Texas in the 1930s for my husband’s grandmother as she prepared to move west to California.

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