prayer hanging

While making a brochure for the programs and workshops that I offer, this prayer hanging was made to use on the cover. It was fun to make, but now, as a prayer hanging, I find the word ENJOY to be overused, and I was feeling angry. So I examined my response and realized that a prayer hanging is meant to carry a hope or wish; most of the time I do enjoy whatever is going on. So why do I want this in my space when looking for work is not an enjoyable activity? What is there to enjoy about these weeks of unemployment?

I have searched and found answers:  time to do things for myself, time and focus to work on unfinished projects, and the time, focus, and energy to clear out stuff from files, drawers, and cabinets. All these things are quite enjoyable.

Don’t forget to look for JOY…it’s how we get through the hard times.

My friend Elizabeth posts weekly readings on her website that can support that search for joy:


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