I have always believed that flowers by your door is a welcoming gesture – to me it’s a big smile “hello.” 

There is a wonderful brick and mortar store in Nashville, TN that resells craft and art supplies that are donated, all proceeds going to a non-profit benefiting adults with cognitive differences. This is their website SmART!  The store is usually a huge clutter of stuff and I love finding treasures, but do not enjoy volunteering in that organized chaos. So here is what I decided to offer: move extra perennial plants and flowers from my yard to their raised beds that contained weeds. This is the largest bed last October 2015:

Oct 2015 with plantings

There are iris, lilies, lambs ear, white yarrow, daisies, prairie coneflower, black-eyed Susans, mullein, gladioli, canna lilies, verbena, mums, and seed for larkspur, morning glories, and zinnias. And pansies for the winter.

Last week I added hosta, heuchera, columbine, money plant, black and blue salvia, and tomatoes. The daisies had been wonderful for about a month, but are cut back now for a new blooming. Here’s how it looked yesterday.

SmART Garden

Everyone who comes and goes while I am working smiles and says nice things. One lady brought some pine straw for mulch. One day I gave away handfuls of daisies. For the most part these are the kinds of plants that multiply, so they can be potted and sold to support the shop. 


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