Our Planet is a Candy Store

A wall hanging was purchased from me today! Completely unexpected, and thoroughly welcomed.

In 2015, the May 3rd reading in Love is the Way by Elizabeth West inspired me to start this work. An injury to my left thumb prevented me from completing until last month. These are the particular sentences:

“Your planet is a candy store, overflowing with sweetness and delight. Why stride through it only to exit at the back door as quickly as you can? Take some time to taste and savor the abundance, relish each moment and permit yourself to be surprised and amazed.”

Today is a perfect spring day here in Middle Tennessee. Fruit trees and Redbud are blooming and the Celendine Poppy is busting up through the dirt (for yellow dye in the fall). Happy spring to all!

All the wool fabric was dyed with natural dyes, and the embroidery is done with commercially dyed silk thread.


2 thoughts on “Our Planet is a Candy Store

  1. I love this! WOW! The women in my sewing circle are very into wool embroidery and it hasn’t moved me–the cute scenes, etc. But this! This moves me!

  2. Oh good! I dyed the wool for several years before figured out what to do with it. I made penny rugs with store-bought fabric and perle cotton until I began to have enough color variety to try something different. Still very much exploratory, but loving it.

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