Dyes from nature hanging

This little 10″ wall hanging is called “A Great Adventure” and was made for my friend Elizabeth for her birthday on March 1. Aside from being a work of love, I came to discover how much the colors gave me joy as I sewed with them and on them. Most of the energy probably comes through my eyes, but I am sure my hands convey it as well. Making this was a conscious process of transforming the mundane into the divine.  Specific details of the work are below:

The background is white wool dyed with black walnut hulls and yellow onion skins. The back and edge was dyed with logwood sawdust.

The threads are wool crewel embroidery yarns dyed with:

Sawdust: Osage orange, sassafras, logwood, brazilwood
Flowers: Queen Anne’s lace, goldenrod, marigold
Leaves: Privet, celandine poppy, yarrow, tansy
Black walnut hulls
Sumac berries
Cochineal insects
Red cabbage
Yellow onion skins


One thought on “Nature’s Colors Feed Me

  1. This is fascinating little project–so different, and more appealing, than most embroidery I see. It makes me think of doodling or exploring but at a very advanced level!

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