Usually, my friend since childhood sends a feather inside each card she mails to me. This is where I put them.

hanging to hold feathers

It includes feathers that I find plus a few other interesting things. The hanging was made with strips of cotton dyed with black walnut hulls that were woven together. Some linen embroidery stitches were added. But it needed something else: my found objects.

Woven prayer hanging

The openings created by the weaving allow things to be inserted.

Recently I created and mailed an empty one to my friend. Hope she will use it!

Feather Keeper 2016_1

The background of raw silk was dyed with logwood sawdust and the vertical strips were dyed with red cabbage, onion skins, and walnut hulls. Linen threads were dyed with walnut and onion skins. The three flowers were made with some stitching (Japanese shibori technique) before dyeing.


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