Rusty the dog does not like thunderstorms. When left in the house alone during a big storm, this is what happened to the beloved quilt in the master bedroom:Quilt center chewed by dogA search for replacement fabrics yielded only three prints that would complement the ones already in the quilt. So I decided to remove all pieces in the center area:

Center area removed

I then auditioned fabric to put back, using some of the original pieces that were removed.

Planning a repair with old & new

Seems like a lot of work for  only 12 damaged blocks, but completing the pattern to fit with the original design guided my choices. This quilt was hand-quilted with exquisite tiny stitches. I felt fortunate to repair the work of Grace, who quilted most of her 93 year-long lifetime. She made this quilt for her daughter 24 years ago. Grace passed away this past spring.



The daughter of the maker picked the quilt up this morning. She was so happy to finally have it repaired and ready to go back on the bed. The damage had occurred about 12 years ago and she never told her mother about it. Her joy is one of the reasons I love doing this work. Aren’t I fortunate?


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