A workshop to create a personal little hanging like the one below has been scheduled for Saturday, May 16, 2015 at Historic Franklin Presbyterian Church. In beautiful downtown Franklin, Tennessee, this church is a perfect place for my first workshop. The church website is: www.historicfranklinpc.org 

The time is from 1 PM to 4 PM, costs $30, and all materials are provided.

Please phone 615-794-9094 to register and send pre-payment.

For Frances
For Frances (size is 9.5 x 12)

Prayer Hanging Description: A prayer hanging is a small intimate banner created with a specific intention, declaring a hope, a dream, or a concern. Whether the intended prayer is for one’s self or for another, the process of making the hanging will imbed the creator’s intentions in a piece of cloth decorated with stitched elements. Hung outdoors, in a doorway or on the wall, it is a visual, tangible expression of an idea or wish that will permeate the space and spread beyond.

You may see examples on my page here: Program/Workshop:Prayer Hangings


2 thoughts on “Prayer Hanging Workshop

    1. I hope so. Looking for a date in July at the same place. But also looking for another venue. I will let you know.

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