Memorial block on quilt
Lower Right Block in Border of Quilt

Alice was a quiltmaker and needleworker. For the last two years of her life she was unable to sew due to the dementia associated with Alzheimer’s.

After she passed away her husband began the arduous task of organizing her unfinished projects and making decisions about which one’s to have completed.

The Hearts Quilt was the first project he brought to me. Alice starting making the heart blocks (149) back in 2003, working on them when she could find small cotton doilies to cut apart. Perhaps you can see how the doilies were cut apart, sewn onto a red print square and then finished with two strips of the print sewn over the raw edges. She completed about half of the rows before she stopped. All I had to do was finish the rows, add borders, and the corner blocks, and take it to the quilter.Click image to enlarge
Each heart was “echo” quilted, and a vine with hearts was put in the borders and setting triangles.Border and Setting Triangle

View of the back of Hearts Quilt
View of the back of Hearts Quilt


With the final dimensions being 126 square inches, I can only show you one-fourth of the quilt!

Click image to see detail



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