Old Whole Cloth QuiltOften when a quilt has been well-used and showing wear, it will be covered with new cloth and quilted again. This one appeared to be a whole-cloth quilt with its 1940’s era printed fabric on both sides. I purchased it at an estate sale thinking that I might use the cloth in the future for repairs. But upon examination of a frayed edge I discovered that there is a nine-patch quilt inside!

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I am slowly taking out all the 1940’s quilting stitched in order to reveal the hidden quilt, especially to see the fabrics and make a guess at the date it might have originally been made.

One wonders if the original quilt was beloved or considered out-of-date or was owned by someone who recycled good materials. For what ever reason it will be fun to see what the original looked like. At this point it appears that the 1940’s fabric is weaker than the earlier fabrics.

Two weeks later:Below is the quilt fragment that was under the ’40’s print. My plan is to cut it down, bind it, and hang to cover a dark brown ugly space in my entry.

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