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In Middle Tennessee you never know exactly when the dogwood trees are going to bloom; it all depends on temperatures. And to have the redbud trees bloom at the same time as the dogwood is not the usual. Today, Easter Day, both are blooming. The rest of the trees are just beginning to bud and leaf out, so the two blooming trees really stand out among the brown skeletons.

This past week I have been driving different routes to my destinations in order to see the trees. In years gone by the dogwood branching pattern provided the perfect shape to use for a distaff on a flax spinning wheel.

 The Distaff is the branched part that would hold the prepared flax fibers which would then be twisted into linen thread.

Scanned the book "Frontier Living" by Edwin Tunis, 1961.
Scanned from the book “Frontier Living” by Edwin Tunis, 1961.

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