Lots of sewing work, loss of photo editing ability, and a crashed hard drive since the onset of the new year have kept me quiet.

My work for clients has allowed a bit of creativity, but I have not created anything for myself. Looking for inspiration, I took my camera into the woods to record whatever appealed to me. Thinking that I wanted lines, textures, and shapes for stitchery, it was easy to take 40 photos fairly quickly.

I love these holes – imagine the ages it took for them to develop, and think how a seemingly empty space is still something. Clearly each is integral to its whole rock.April rock hole 1

April rock hole 2


April rock hole 3

These are surely part of a fairy playground.




2 thoughts on “Taking Inspiration: Woods Walk

  1. Yes, I do think they are natural and so beautiful. I live on a hillside so I imagine that these rocks were part of a limestone outcropping thousands, at the very least, years ago, and drips of water made the holes. Notice the fossil wrapped around the first hole?

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