A bobcat crossed my backyard this morning! I love that he came into the open for at least that stretch of his gambol.  The land behind my house inclines upward into rocky cedar glades.  This fellow seemed to be quite healthy and very beautiful; a tawny brown and gray, easily hidden on my hillside.  My last sighting was about two years ago and that cat looked to be old because of a sagging belly.  But now I wonder if she had only just given birth  and was feeding her kittens.  My visitor could be one who was born two years ago.

I found this video about bobcats:  click on this link here

I also found the information below online at this site: http://www.whats-your-sign.com/bobcat-animal-totem.html

Symbolic Bobcat Meanings

“Foremost, the Bobcat animal totem is a sign of patience. Bobcats are superior hunters, and they incorporate stealth, strategy and wield a great deal of patience in their hunting excursions.

In this way, the Bobcat sends us a clear message that in order for us to get what we want, we must be willing to plan, adapt, and above all, have the patience to see our ideals manifest.

When dealing with social settings (friends, family, work) the Bobcat reminds us to be fully aware. We must be mindful to extend our respect, love and consideration with others.

As the Bobcat is primarily a solitary creature, we may take its presence as a sign for us to step back from the company of certain people in our lives. Or, the Bobcat may be trying to tell us that we need some time to ourselves. Alone time is time for us to reflect, and regain our energy. The Bobcat intrinsically knows this, and may be trying to tell you to take a break away from the public eye.”


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