Lanterns made of Gourds

Just for fun, may I show you what I finished making today. Because I have so many projects in process, it is nice to finish something.

My friend Mary Lynn calls them “Solstice Lights” because she puts them up during the darker months of the year. These are for her sister-in-law. I have mine in a darker part of the house that sometimes needs a little light. After cleaning each gourd, outside and in, the designs were cut with a tiny electric saw (leaving my hands vibrating for an hour or so after). Dollhouse or model village lights were inserted and … Voila!


3 thoughts on “Gourd Lanterns

    1. Hi Kerry, Thanks for all your comments on my various posts. Some of your comments have an ad embedded, so I have been unwilling to ‘approve.’ Why does that happen? I would like to ask more about the “autograph” quilt that came through your husband’s family. I showed the images to my friend Bets Ramsey (no relation), a quilt historian here in Nashville, TN. She asked about the construction. Are the “Petals” stitched to the white square with blanket stitch? She has never seen this pattern.

      Many thanks, Anne

      ***** Anne C. Ramsey

      1. Hi Anne, Yes, the petals are appliqued with blanket stitch, although some of them may have been first stitched down the traditional way, with the blanket stitch as decoration. The blanket stitch on the various blocks ranges from kind of big and sloppy to tight and tiny, like you’d see for a buttonhole. Someone else who commented on the post also said she’d never seen the pattern. If you or Bets would like additional photos, let me know!

        Re: the ads in my comments–I have no idea what’s up with that. I’ve never seen them but I suppose it’s because I’m using WordPress for free, without any upgrades? I’m pretty new to blogging so I am a bit clueless.

        Thanks for your interest in the quilt!


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