3 Hearts in my Etsy Shop
3 Hearts in my Etsy Shop

I am a collector of textiles, especially those things that show evidence of the maker.  In the past, handwork was called “the gentle arts.”  I love the details, the uniqueness, the intricacies, the work of women’s hands.  There are often pieces that carry a story, a memory, an idea, and even a secret.  Often a torn piece of lace  will be all that remains of a 100 year old wedding dress.  Often there are artifacts in varying states of preservation – but preserved none-the-less.  Most everyone has some object that ensures that they won’t forget the memory attached to it.

Over twenty years ago, when I worked at the Hermitage, Home of Andrew Jackson, the curator showed me a small heart made of patchworked fabric.  From the Victorian period, Jackson’s granddaughter, Rachel Lawrence, made these hearts from pieces of the President’s clothing for family members.  I made one myself, years later, of my mother’s ribbons.  A Memento.

Over the years I have adopted textile pieces with no apparent story, but they are still loved by me.  I can remember my first visit to the Nashville Flea Market in 1974 when I realized that I wanted to have doilies, quilt blocks, and laces, and some of those pieces are still with me.   Time to make some changes; time to create something new; time to let go of the old, and still honor it’s story as it moves on.

Today I launched some new items for sale in my Etsy shop.  This is the intent behind the creation of these things:

“We all keep bits and pieces, mementos of people, places, events.  For me, the linens, laces and handwork of days gone by have a beauty and luminescence that urge me to hold them, keep them and treasure them.  Rescued from oblivion, some of these pieces are joined together in a new context, holding their secrets of the past, but waiting for a new part of the story – the one you bring to it.”

These ornaments may contain fragments from these treasures…

  • a baby’s cap
  • mama’s apron
  • grandmother’s tatting
  • grandfather’s handkerchief
  • a girlhood petticoat
  • an embroidered table runner
  • a tea towel
  • a bridge table cover
  • a dish towel
  • a guest hand towel
  • a christening dress
  • boudoir pillow
  • curtains
  • papa’s shirt

Click here to see the new listings in my Etsy Shop – HeartsNHands:  3 hearts   


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