Flying Saucer quilt block

When I found this quilt block in my pattern book, I knew it would be perfect for Grandmother Esther.  In probably the late 1940s, she and her husband left East Tennessee to live in Texas.  Stokley VanCamp Canning company was Daddy Pat’s employer and he was asked to go to Mercedes, Texas to work there.   As reported to me by her grandson, Mark:

“One day the neighborhood kids started yelling about something that they saw in the sky.  She went out and saw  three round objects in the sky.  They were a shiny silver, and they were moving slower than an airplane would.  She said the whole neighborhood was out watching this, as kids went around alerting people to it.  She described them as rolling along across the sky like plates on their edge.  Folks watched them for about 15 minutes as they traveled from right to left across their field of view.  Granny never called them space ships or saucers, and only acknoledged the term UFO when I said it.”


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