Rose Bush

Grandmother Hattie was born in Florida, and when she married a transplanted Kentucky boy, I expect that she thought they would stay in Florida.  But the weather can influence commerce, and ultimately they moved to Kentucky to stay the rest of their lives.  Hattie left behind her entire family but took reminders of home with her, a rose bush being one of them.  It grew on a trellis at the driveway side of her house so that it was seen by all visitors, and it was pink, a favorite color of hers.  (after choosing this block for Hattie, i found another called the “Fish” that i like better, specifically for her, so i will have to reassign this one)  Women often took beloved plants with them when moving on to another location, some being ornamental, some cullinary, and some were useful for medicines or dyes.  I especially enjoy my plants that have come to me as a gift from another’s garden and are always a reminder of that person.  So as Hattie’s rose bush reminded her of her mother, so this block reminds me of her.  (Wonder if i really will change it?)


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