Sampler blocks_1

Yikes, its been two months since i posted something here.  I am not sure that i can be creative and do blog posts, and I am being creative.  Because i have very little paying work, my time is being used productively…being creative!  So today it is raining, after a lovely warm day yesterday when i got to be outside cleaning up garden spaces.  I will try to catch up with posts.

In 1981, yes, more than 30 years ago, with two small daughters and a very ill mother, i made arrangements to work at a neighborhood quilt shop on Saturdays.  Andrew had to train me first, so i started making blocks for a sampler quilt.  I was doing fairly well with the sewing, but before i could start the Saturday work days, my father asked that i come out to the house to help with my mother, so that he could take a break and play golf.  So that is how i spent my summer Saturdays until she died on August 9.

I pulled out the blocks last month and found that there were enough to make a baby quilt for Rosie (Marlyn June) who just turned 5 months old yesterday, and cut her first tooth!  In order to finish before she is a teenager, i will quilt it on the machine.  So, the blocks above are in a layout that i am happy with.  Feels good to know there will be closure on this project.

Marlyn June, nearly 5 months, working on 1st tooth
Marlyn June, nearly 5 months, working on 1st tooth

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