Can you find a way to be creative each day?

Hope Under a Winter Moon, guache watercolor on paper
Hope Under a Winter Moon, guache watercolor on paper

It was probably in 2010 that i first discovered this blog called Creative Every Day(click on the name or the image in my side bar to see the blog).  On her right-hand sidebar there is a Challenge that she hosts, giving support and themes as well as links to others trying to be creative every day.  My original response was “Oh how could i possibly be creative each and every day, there’s not enough time.”  And yet the seed was planted and sometimes i observed myself and my creative moments, and  other times i sought creativity as respite, renewal, or just a way to re-center and process things.

So as this new year is starting, i thought i would actively accept the challenge to be creative every day because i believe that the process of creation is life-giving in what ever form it takes.  It may be sewing, drawing, painting, gardening, dyeing, cooking, cutting flowers for a jar, making a card for a friend, taking a photograph or working on my blogs or website.  All these activities feed my soul when there is an openess and acceptance that i am enough.  I am grateful for what i have learned so far, and hope by sharing this, that others may reach for more creative moments in their lives.


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