It was a beautiful last-day-of-the-year here in my little yellow house on a hill overlooking the Harpeth River valley.  I tried to do only things that I wanted to do, and documented as I went along.  It really began Thursday afternoon with the cleaning and re-covering of my 4’x8′ work table on the screened porch (while wearing ear-muffs!). 


 Yesterday I laid out this previously dyed piece of raw silk and cotton trim and put rusty stuff all over it…spraying generously with vinegar and water.  I then covered it for the night and will try to wait patiently for it to do something.  On Sunday I will uncover it and wash out the extra rust and see what kind of marks were made.

Today I hovered over a pot of dye made with fresh parsley(for a soft yellow), and added tumeric late in the day.  I rolled and bundled eucalyptus leaves (1st photo), walnut and oak leaves, and store-bought flowers…hoping to get some prints.  I will leave those bundled for a week, which is really hard to do.  The bright yellow came after added the tumeric to the dye with the bundles and so as not to waste any color, threw the items in (last photo).



2 thoughts on “End of the Year Dyeing

    1. Oh Lynda…today I am cleaning up after yesterday’s flurry of activity…gotta pay the price, I suppose. And, I just visited your blog. What a treat to visit the V&A with you! Thanks for looking at my blog…i have a history of not keeping it up. However, perhaps if I know someone is waiting to see what I am doing, I might get better. I look forward to seeing what you do. Annie

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