One of the more challenging projects that I have had (see yesterday’s post for full quilt photo), with two of the schoolhouses being worn and torn.  Had to replace the whole of each house to keep the quilt looking right.  I will use fabrics of the early 20th century to replace the bad houses.  Here are the before photos:  On this red one, I decided to construct the entire block seperately and then sew it into place.

On this one, the white fabric is not worn out and is special because it has blue writing on it…I can make out “Sug” so I expect the fabric was from a sugar sack.  So I decided to replace only the print pieces, sewing each one at a time.

There is plenty of other repair work…holes, a big chunk out of one edge, and seams that have pulled apart revealing batting and raw edges.  Much easier than the houses.




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