This must be why the flower is called marigold…the Merry Gold colors that it makes!


These are lined up from left to right, in the order that they were dyed. 1)wool, preped with alum & cream of tartar, then alum and cream of tartar went in the water, 2)silk, 3)cotton faille, 4)linen, hand towel weave, 5)wool, thick coat weight, 6)wool, blanket weight, then copper was added to water, 7) linen, 8)linen, and 9) fine linen tablemat with cotton embroidery. (note-the dark areas are shadows)

The color is affected by the type fiber, whatever might be on that fiber prior to dyeing, the type of pot, the temperature of the water, the minerals in the water, the sequence that the fiber was added to the pot, and whatever chemical might be added to the pot.  Alot of variables!  Sometimes i keep records, but sometimes its more fun to just see what happens.


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