October is over and so are most of the gardens.  I have never had a large crop of marigolds…enough to do a good-sized dyepot.  My neighbor graciously allowed me to pick her frost-damaged flowers, since there were still good ones left on the plants.  (Couldn’t quite see boiling beautiful fresh blossoms!)

These are French Marigolds.  I used many of this type, but also small yellow and small orange ones. 

After i picked these i put them in a bucket with water to soak because i did not have time to do a dyepot…maybe 250 flowers?  That was Thursday afternoon.

This is Sunday around 10 AM…so they soaked for 2 1/2 days.  They don’t look too different.  I read that they did not have to be soaked, that cooking would pull the color out just as easily, but with cool weather, they kept fine on the back porch til i could start dyeing.

This is the color of the water before i put it on the stove using the stainless steel pot seen in the earlier photo.  After bringing it to a simmer, the flowers were fairly spent with 30 minutes more cooking.  Leaving the yellow dyestuff (flowers) on the heat too long will yield brown.  The dye liquor is strained off and put back on the heat, brought back to a simmer, and its ready for the fibers.

I will take a photo of the silk, linen, wool, and cotton pieces of cloth that i dyed and post it tomorrow.


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