Please, please, whenever possible, put a label on your quilts.  Even the old ones can have a fabric label giving the provenance (history of maker, region, purpose, etc.).  I used a new product:  Photo Fabric from Blumenthal Craft, purchased at JoAnn Etc a few years ago.  This paper-backed fabric is specifically for inkjet printers and comes on a 120″ roll.  I prepped the photo and text on the computer and ran a piece of the “fabric” through my printer.  The packaging says it is 100% cotton poplin.  I am pleased with the result.  Much neater and easier than iron-on transfers.

I have completed the 2nd quilt using Rachel’s flannel nightgowns.  The light was better for these photos.  The finished piece is 72inches x 72 inches.  The challenges:

  • Different nightgowns had different fabrics; they did not all behave the same way.  A photo of the gowns is in my Oct. 4 post.
  • The clients gave me a poly/cotton fabric for the back and i found it to be really difficult to machine quilt with a different fiber content than the top.
  • Flannel seems to stretch, so lots of pinning was necessary.


One thought on “Quilt Label on Nightgown Memorial Quilt #2

  1. I’ve been making custom memorial quilts from clothing for a few years now and so agree with you on labeling! I also use paper-backed fabric and my ink jet printer to create the labels and am very happy with the results. I haven’t seen the product you mention, however, but plan to look for it. A long roll sounds way better than individual sheets.

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