Warrior Woman Mola Wall Hanging

This wall hanging was made a few years ago with a treasured mola.  I have known about molas for a long time:  there was a red and blue one in our den, never finished, never framed.  My mother probably saw it as a decorative element, but didn’t give it a real home.  I put a sleeve and stick on the back and it hangs out of the light in my bedroom.  My first husband was born in Panama and had an adventuresome father who travelled among the Kuna Indians on the San Blas Islands before marriage in the 1940’s.  Molas were part of the decor of the homes of his family.  And my surrogate uncle was stationed in Panama during WW II, so they had molas in their home.  Not one other person that I came in contact with in my growing up years in Middle TN even knew what a mola was.  I got the central part of this wall hanging (the mola) at a craft sale in Monteagle TN at least 15 years ago.  As usual, the process of using it in making a finished piece was more important to me than hanging it on my wall.  I am letting it go to some lucky buyer.  It’s now in my Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/heartsnhands

Here’s a detail:




One thought on “Mola Warrior Woman

  1. I discovered Molas a couple of years ago when I was commissioned to make a quilt from a collection that spanned 3 decades or so. Working with them up close gave me such an appreciation for Kuna artistry.

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