Osage Orange, Beau D'Arc, Hedge Apple, Mock Orange: this is the tree that has those big green balls in the fall. The wood is beautiful.

 The same night that lightning blew out my modem and the network card in my computer, this tree was damaged.  By wind or lightning, half of it was torn up with shreds of bark laying all around.  Then a miscommunication led to the tree being removed entirely! 

 The Stump:

The heart of the tree was healthy.

There was enough sawdust around the base to shovel into a bucket, bring back to the porch and soak in water overnight.  Today, because I have a little helper around, we put some wool scraps in the dye liquor (heated to a simmer) and did a “project.”  Its never too early to learn how to find some good in a sad/bad occurance.  And messing with color, water, and magic is always fun!


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