(click on the photo to see a close-up view)

This is the ‘before’ photo of a quilt i am trying to repair.  See the torn area on the right border, and, well, all the borders are worn and ready to tear.  And every appliqued piece has torn areas.  I am using the borders, that i have now removed, for the handsewn patches.  This quilt is all cotton fabric, but with a poly batting.  Very nearly all of the diagonal hand-quilted stitches are broken.  It has been washed many times, and it is my opinion that the poly batting and cotten fabric were not compatible.  And machine washing with an agitator could also have done the damage.  Keely is seven, and because this quilt was made for her daddy by his grandmother, they want to save it.  

 You can go to my website and see the finished piece as well as the process:  www.nashvillequiltrepair.com on the page entitled “Keely’s Quilt” under “Quilt Repairs”


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