This is my first attempt to use stitching to draw up fabric tightly before I dye it.  The gathered areas should resist the dye and I will get some sort of lovely design.  I did an internet search for ideas about the stitching, and this is my first effort.

Three different stitching patterns on the fold

This piece of raw silk fabric had been previously dyed in Goldenrod flowers.  Fiber from animals takes dye better that that from plants.  I made the stitching on the fold, so its actually through two layers of cloth.  You might visualize that I am trying to get circular forms.  The photo below is after I pulled up the threads and tied them securely.  The new dyebath (yellow onion skins) will color the ridges and hopefully not the valleys.  A strong buttonhole thread was used for the gathering.

Shiboro Running Stitches Gathered
The running stitches have been pulled tightly into 'gathers' and knotted well.

I will post the final dyed project when it gets done.  Ah…these colors make me happy!


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