I have been reading David Whyte’s Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity for weeks.  The project below was inspired by the chapter that talks about the importance of moving between our days and nights.  It will remind me of the importance of leaving the day behind and having a “good” night’s rest, of the possibilities that are in the night, and a gentle way to move out of the night and greet the day.

…each of us has an intuitive picture of the world and the way we ourselves were made for that world, an intuitive grasp of our place in things which we can reestablish each morning and which can make us more available, more courageous, more generous.  -David Whyte

Woven strips with initial elements arranged.
Stitching with wool crewel yarns.

Elements representing portals of the day and night.

All materials were dyed by me with natural dyes: logwood and osage sawdust, goldenrod and butterfly weed flowers, yellow onion skins, bloodroot roots.


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