I have been working on a crib quilt for several weeks.  My client had already decided that she wanted horses and sketched a horse made of 1 inch squares.  I took it from there.  Assembling the horse block was my greatest challenge.

First I made a horse of 1inch paper squares and triangles.

The hardest parts of the patchwork are the little triangles.  This method of making them (called half-square triangles) is the best i have found.  They remain fairly square after all is said and done.  Its best to pencil in a diagonal line.  It is also helpful to line up a bunch of these layered squares and sew them in a continuous row.  (keeps the beginning and end from catching on the feed dogs of the machine)

Before pressing the half-square triangle open, trim off the seam allowance.  Press without stretching by lowering the iron straight down on the seam.  Then begin to assemble the parts.  Instead of all 1 inch squares, I combined areas where I could.

The quilt has 4 blocks like this.



2 thoughts on “Patchwork Horse

  1. And I am so glad you check in…I tried to leave a comment on live journal and could not. Thank you for the beautiful daylilly photos. Love you!

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