The Queen Anne’s Lace (member of the carrot family) has been blooming in the fields for about 4 weeks.  But, yesterday, the tractor began to mow down everything.  I hustled out with basket and snips in the heat of the day and cut as much as i could.  I did some dyeing of wool cloth for much of the day.   I cooked it on the stove in a large enamel pan for a couple of hours and then strained it off into an aluminium pot.  I added some alum to the dye liquor to get a darker yellow. 

These are the shades of yellow that i got – all this is wool fabric.

You can see that i did tie-dye on one piece, so you can also see the original white.  This photo does not do the real color justice.  Toward the end of a dyebath, when i still can’t just pour it out, i experiment.  I did an accordian fold  and tied it up, put it in the yellow for a while, then moved the ties a little and then added some copperas (iron) to the bath. 

It looks like the iron migrated to some of the white areas, i am not sure why i only got the gray there and not in the yellow too.  I was hoping for more of a green.  But i like this fine.


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