This is Anna.  I made her over 5 years ago, but never dressed her!  Today, I spent a lovely morning handsewing her clothing.   The yellow linen shift (underdress) was dyed in goldenrod flowers.  The pink cotton apron was dyed with yellow onion skins, probably in a copper pot.  The neckerchief came from the corner of a fine linen handkerchief with delicate drawnwork.  You can see the back of her new clothes while she hides her eyes for hide-n-seek.

Hopefully she will not be embarassed to be shown au natural so that you can see how she was made.  Her head and torso are a gourd, with the face engraved and stained with india ink.  Her hair is walnut hull dyed wool.  Its been too long ago that i harvested the branches for her limbs – i cannot remember what kind of wood.  They are attached with hemp cordage. 

I plan to take her with me to the 18th century Fair at Bledsoe’s Fort next weekend, and if she is not adopted, i will list her availablity in my Etsy shop.



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