My new space would not allow the rather large piece that i created to use as a background for taking photographs of textile pieces.  I finally got around to cutting it down to fit on the wall in the studio.  It can be carried outdoors when i want really good light.  Here’s how it is made:

This is the frame with the foam insulation board (Home Depot) cut to fit.  The frame has metal angles in the corners to hold it together, but the foam stabilizes it and keeps it squared up.  I have been told that middle gray is the best color for setting off other colors, so i covered it with gray fabric with an under layer of flannel to soften the surface somewhat.  I stapled the fabric all the way around the frame.



There are two hooks on the top edge to hang it on the wall…easy to take down and carry out to the porch where the preferred lighting is.  When it is not in use as a background for photos, i can pin projects up for consideration and display.  Its always good to get some distance from something i am working on.  Three of these are completed fabric mandalas.

Another act of practical creativity.


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