This great fabric reminds me of my new little house here on the farm…Just enough here to cover a half-size notebook.

I hate the fact that i cannot remember things as well as i used to.  I have to take more notes….then, ‘oh, where are my notes?’ 

This was my creative activity today, making this cover for a notebook that i have used over the years for different things.  The old cover was a piece of Dip ‘n Dye paper from the 1980s.  I won’t detail the process, but  here is the photo after i cut the fabric to size and tried to figure out how the house would end up on the front side…

 Finished Covered Notebook …huzzah!   To celebrate all that i have  accomplished in the past few days:   changing my blog; learning how to get faster and more efficient with resizing photos, and muddling through the process of listing items on Etsy.  This is where I am keeping my Etsy and Blog notes.


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