Having moved 6 months ago, i find that i have accumulated many, many odds and ends that i “might need to use some day.”  I am making a concerted effort to approach this day and it’s creations as the perfect day for using whatever i uncover!  The creating is the joy, but using an old saved thing is a bonus.  The embroidered net on this card (and 3 others) was in a box of treasures from Martha T.; all textile and apparel fragments from possibly several women’s lives.  Thank you, Bets, for passing them to me.  

      As i recover from the flu this week, i am going to change my focus on my blog.  I have gotten over  the photograph hurdle.  I will now be posting things that i create and the processes. Its time to get some things ready for selling on Etsy (i signed up for an online shop there two years ago!), so i am working through the particular hurdles that come with that endeavor.  Tonight i finally mastered cropping and reducing my images to be accepted by the site.   Still have to figure out other aspects, but you can see my soon-to-not-be-empty shop at www.heartsnhands@etsy.com


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