HA…never able to do anything just perfect!  I put this piece on sideways…in a hurry i suppose.  Finally we have some rain, which is too bad for the Debate doin’s outdoors (a band was playing very loudly a little while ago), but i am gratefull because the zinnias and marigolds will last longer.  The atmosphere here at 2PM is pretty quiet, but when it was not raining, helicopters, etc. were stirring up our peace and quiet.  I will post more about the piece above after Friday (a birthday surprise).  Whoops, spoke too soon, here come the various noises again.

Jen and her friend Lisa, who just drove in from Obama offices in Arkansas, are getting ready to join the event, whatever that will be!  Its 5:30pm and now things are really hopping.  Music still playing, people along the streets are yelling, etc, and eventually marching toward the campus.

This was the scene up the sidewalk from my house.  Everyone is excited…its hard not to get caught up in that…in hopes that things really might change?


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