This quilt was brought to me today, made by a woman in Robertson County, TN before 1900.  Its in pretty good shape to be over 100 years old, but has some patches that have to be replaced.  Look closely to see the areas where it looks ragged…that is the batting, or middle layer, that is coming out because the fabric has deteriorated.  My job will be to use fabric of the time period to replace the worst patches.  And hopefully the owner will heed my advice in terms of caring for this quilt from here on out.  Something this old, although very well made, is at risk of more damage if it is used on a regular basis on a bed.  I advocate people using their quilts except, when for sentimental reasons, they want to pass it to the next generation.  The red fabric is in remarkably good condition…the color is very stable…which makes me think it might not be as old as the owner thinks.  More study may tell me some of its story.

WOW…i am so grateful to have some quilt repair work…something i know and love.  Much gratitude.


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