These three zinnia flowers came from the same plant!  The colors change like a sunset as the flower matures.  What a treat.  Thank you, Mary Lynn, for the original seed that i collected from your patch 5 or so years ago.  My zinnias are glorious right now because i got them in late, and i watered when necessary.  They are in the front yard, so its part of the greeting we get, coming and going. 

Another beautiful day.  Olivia and i walked to the village this morning, as it may be the last morning walk that we have for a while.  She is supposed to start daycare next Monday.  For the first week, I am going to pick her up at midday, since this is a new situation and there will be no one familiar to her.  She is pretty cautious about strangers these days.  I have mixed feelings …sad and glad…  A little heartache, but maybe some art will be made again!


One thought on “Zinnias A-Glow

  1. Aww. She’ll be okay. It is important to learn how to deal with new situations. Soon she’ll be happy to go, we do hope, because playing with other kids is very different from playing with Grandma. How else is she going to pick up bad habits?

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