This is the kind of work i do for clients.  Yvonne brought this top to me without the borders and with another row of fans.  The top is made of fabrics from around the 1930s and is hand pieced.  There are a few stains and some of the stitching had come loose from a washing, but all in all, in very good condition.  I removed one row and used 4 of the blocks for the corners.  Amazingly i had 5 yards of yellow cotton that was from the same time period.  Fabric from the earlier 20th century was usually 36″ wide.  We were pleased at how nice the yellow borders look with the print and orange fabrics.  Note:  it is always better to wash the top after the quilt is made so that there is not any unraveling.

The next step was to have it quilted.  This was done by Carol Brown of Brentwood, TN with a long arm quilting machine.  She has to stand at the machine and guide it to get the designs she wants.  She has done many for me and my clients and we are always very pleased.  We used Heirloom batting which has a 80% cotton, 20% poly scrim content, and handles beautifully under tension in her machine.  This batting also holds up well with gentle machine washing.   After the quilting is done, i put a 1/2 inch binding around the edges. 


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