Praying Mantis

This is the most recently discovered guest in my front garden, found in the zinnias while i was dead-heading and looking for marigold seed.  He is even bigger that the grasshopper, but i neglected to go back out with a ruler.  At least 5 inches.  Look at the eyes…he knew i was there!  Through the camera lens there was an otherworldly feeling.   My sister Terri tells me that the large ones are the females; so i expect that is true of the grasshopper too.  I think i won’t post the grasshopper mating picture.

One of the great features of this blog is that i can start a page now, and come back and edit to fill in more info as the day unfolds.  Actually right now it is 9:30pm on the 29th, so that means i have gotten a jump on tomorrow’s entry. 🙂

Today is the last day of September and with the 1st of October we are supposed to get cooler weather.  I am still putting things away and look forward to getting back to quilt work and art.


One thought on “Another garden guest

  1. I am busy admiring your photography — very nice work you’re showing us!

    Actually I have no idea about grasshopper size/sex, although if I had to guess, I’d guess they’re closer in size than Praying Mantis are. Since I garden, I admire mantis and try to kill grasshoppers. Good fertilizer, you know…

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