Sunday, after the sale, and after two large loads went to Goodwill.

I am so grateful that Cathy came in from Macon County on Friday and helped to get everything out into the driveway and onto the tables, and she took on the role as cashier!  A huge help because i always get distracted by the people and what they are interested in.  Attendance was rather low and folks were tight with their money…both indications that the economy is hitting all of us.  I can celebrate that most everything is gone except the jewelry, laces and buttons, and wool, all of which i may be able to sell elsewhere.

The wonderful thing about inviting strangers into your yard and your stuff is that sometimes there is a kindred soul.  I met a couple of perennial plant lovers and hope to develop relationships with these two women.    My plan is to start a Yahoo Group for local Perennial Plant sharing.  I have put much time into my small front yard and the colors have been so rewarding.  I let the back yard go because of mosquitoes and lack of water.   I am glad it gives pleasure to others.  It is full of smiling flowers!


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