Healing Heart: fabric, tie-dyed dinner napkin, yellow linen dyed with natural dye osage-orange sawdust, 8 pointed star quilt patchwork, nest of gold thread,dyed crochet, red wool, enamel pin, paper butterflies, dyed lace flowers, copper wire, beads, hand-stitching.  Size: c. 20″ square

I started this piece last fall while in the early chapters of Julia Cameron’s THE ARTIST’S WAY.  A small study group of women met every two weeks for six months.  In October 2007 there were some very emotional events that brought the need for me to make something that helped process the emotions.  This is the finished piece above.  I made it just for me and my healing process after an arrest was made for the death of my close friend, Sally, in the winter of 1975 (yes, 32 years ago).  And after i worked on it, lived with it, and eventually finished it in June – it was bought!  What a surprise, and how wonderful that someone else wanted it.  I experienced the struggle and joys of making it, and when i was done, i didn’t need it in my life any more.  So it moved on.  Many thanks.

I posted it today because i finally was reminded that i had not done so – and it needs to be here.


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