This guy is huge and probably got that way eating my 4 foot marigold plants.  I don’t really care too much as long as he doesn’t eat the French Marigolds.   Each year i save the French Marigold seed and plant again – saved originally from my mother’s garden after she died 27 years ago.  Just now i went back outside and a friend pointed out that a small grasshopper had joined the big one.  I will post the photo later if its not too risque!  The “guy” may be a female.

Here are my mother’s flowers:  Anybody want seed?


One thought on “A Garden Visitor

  1. Of course I’ll take some. Especially considering so many of my favorite plants are from your garden. How special to have a plant from your Mothers’. I will take pictures next year of some of your plants for you to post. Do you want me to work on rooting you the tea rose that came from my parents by way of my grandmother that was from my great aunt?

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