I find that making art is the best way for me to intuit, bring to the surface, seek understanding, and communicate what is going on inside of me.  The process of creating becomes a meditation on the person, situation, or problem that i am struggling with.  This piece is a gift celebrating the life of of my friend and the desire for healing that i feel for her.  I am so grateful that i have the resources to make something that expresses what’s going on with me as well as tell a story that someone else may enjoy.

This piece is small – 6″x8″.  The gold wool was dyed with osage orange sawdust (a natural dye) and has a navy linen binding.  The dyed blue fabric and batik were purchased; i found the butterfly at a thrift store.  The vine is carpet thread with pink seed beads. The 3 leaves, also dyed with osage and logwood, are embroidered with silk thread.  The charm in the center is glass; the left is a slice of seashell and a jasper heart; the right is a glass bead with a rose quartz heart.


One thought on “Healing Art

  1. Dearest Annie,

    God blessed me the first day you became my friend, and continues to bless me many years later. My heart is full, if only I could really express how I feel.
    Thank you could never be enough, please know I am humbled by your love and devotion. You are my spirit sister, and I love you…always.

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